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Jenifas Diary Season 5: Where and How to Watch, Stream Online & Download Complete Episode 1 – 13

Jenifas Diary Season 5: Where and How to Watch, Stream Online & Download Complete Episode 1 – 13.

Here comes the fifth iteration of the hilarious and popular Nollywood series dubbed Jenifa’s dairy. Following my publishing of season 1 of the series, i have received numerous mail from readers of this blog and most want me to drop download links from Jenifas diary season 5 to the current season which is season 9. I intend to honor their wish hence this article. Season 2 to 4 will be dropped time. Jenifas diary season 5

Review of Jenifer’s Diary Season 5.

Let me quickly summarize what happened in Jenifas diary season 5 for the sake of those who won’t be watching it anytime soon or are just curious what the particular season entails to decide if its worth downloading with their data bundle.

In the first episode of the season, Toyosi break the news of accepting the marriage proposal of her new boyfriend, Soji to Kiki and Jenifa. She also tell them what she loves about him. Jenifa interrupted saying he cannot marry or date an ugly guy that look matters a lot in who she marry or date and ask Kiki and Toyosi if they can marry a monkey.

Jenifa has also met a new man, Marcus, who has been showering her with attention and care. Jenifa and her co-worker went to a beach party with their partners. Marcus was there with Jenifa, Adaku was also there with a man she paid to pretend as her boyfriend. Which didn’t end well for Adaku as she caught the man collecting the contact of a beautiful lady at the party.

In the second episode of Jenifas diary season 5, Jenifa saw a pregnancy test kit in Toyosi’s bag and to prevent her from calling her out, she decided not to ask her but went to talk about it with Kiki. She advised Jenifa to ask Toyosi and stop telling people about it.

Later on, The girls (Toyosi, Jenifa & Kiki) went to a restaurant with Soji and Jenifa couldn’t help herself. She bombarded Soji with questions and his opinion about pre-marital sex and pregnancies.

Toyosi was very angry when they got home. Kiki eventually told her how Jenny found the pregnancy kit, Toyosi started laughing and explained that the kit wasn’t for her but for her parent’s help who she and her mother suspected might be pregnant.

At the end of the episode, Marcus took Jenny to his new salon which he want her to be managing or be in charge of.

The story continues. The new salon is named Tina’s Place and Jenifa was able to convinced Benny and Adaku to leave Nikki’O and come work for her at the new salon. Kiki decided to further her education in the United States of America where she intend to get her Masters degree. Toyosi is also planning to monetize her beauty Make Up skills.

Marcus never stopped caring for Jenny and he even got her a new iPhone 5S, iPad and gave her 2.5 million Naira to get herself a new apartment. Things continue falling apart at Nikki’O has most of their customers keep asking after Jenifa and when they call her she redirect them to Tina’s Place.

Toyosi and Soji started having issues but was later ironed out. Jenifa catch Chi Chi of Beta Food Canteen trying to seduce Marcus and threw her out. She didn’t stopped there, she reported her to her parent who owns the canteen.

It was a disaster at the end of episode 6 when Jenifa found out that Marcus is married with a beautiful daughter. It gives her headache to realize Marcus has just been using her. Marcus wife took control of the salon and relegated Jenifa to an ordinary hair stylist.

Jenifa enlisted Chi Chi’s help to seduce Marcus in other to get back at his wife who has been mean to her. They both caught Chi Chi father and one of his workers making out and Chi Chi started blackmailing his father with it. Their plan failed and Jenny went back to Nikki’O to plead so they could accept her.

To her surprise, she was accepted and with increment in salary. She told Toyosi to write a resignation letter while she was leaving for Tina’s place then, but Toyo Baby wrote a letter asking for increment in salary. She was excited and thanked Toyosi for the great idea.

Adaku just a met a man she think will be very rich, the man is John the Genius. It was a disaster when Jenifa became aware. Benny, Jenifa and Adaku got sacked from Nikki’O as Pelumi got her hand on the fact that they left for Tina’s Salon and told the management about it.

Toyosi has gotten a shop for her make up and Jenifa is helping her out. Adaku has been doing her pedicure job in her house. Adaku has started investing in a Ponzi scheme and it doesn’t seems it will end well.

Jenifas diary season 5 episode 11 featured a Nigerian music legend by the name Tiwa Savage. As usual, Jenifa caused commotion before they left Tiwa’s house and Toyosi was mad with her.

Randy and her girlfriend got sacked from Nikki’O and Tomi was promoted to the post of the Manager from receptionist. Jenifa’s mother and her long time friend arranged a meeting between Jenifa and her Son, Dayo.

That’s all guys on the full review of Jenifas diary season 5. Now let’s proceed to where and how to download jenifa’s diary season 5 online.

Where to Download Jenifas Diary Season 5.

You can download the fifth season of jeniffers diary at sceneone production website. If you do not want to download virus or waste your data bundle downloading nonsense online, you need not waste your time and navigate straight to the official site of sceneone production to download jenifas diary season 5.

The thing is that you will have to pay 600 monthly to be able to watch, stream and download jenifa’s diary 5 on sceneonetv. You can pay with any Naira ATM card. But if you can be a little bit patient, i will drop one or two login details on this blog in the coming weeks.

How to Download Jenifas Diary Season 5.

Like YouTube, you can only stream jenifas diary episodes on sceneone production site. There is no direct download link. But there is a way out. Follow the steps below. download jenifa's diary season 5

  • Download and install internet download manager (IDM) on your PC.
  • Make sure it is fully integrated with your browser, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Copy and paste the download links i will be dropping below into a new tab on your browser.
  • Click enter on your keyboard or go on your browser to visit the links one after the other.
  • IDM will automatically generate a download button at the top right corner of the video and you can choose which of the available format to download.

Allow IDM to download the video and you can start watching. I don’t have any issue uploading the videos, but it was very clear that i will be in violation of a copyright law as enshrined in the beginning of all the series episodes.

Download Links.

  • Episode 1: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e1-a-good-catch/.
  • Episode 2: sceneone.tv/season-5-episode-2-upgrade/.
  • Episode 3: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e3-bosslady/.
  • Episode 4: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e4-wires-crossed/.
  • Episode 5: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e5-man-snatcher/.
  • Episode 6: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e6-owner/.
  • Episode 7: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e7-repercussions/.
  • Episode 8: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e8-revenge/.
  • Episode 9: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e9-back-to-basics/.
  • Episode 10: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e10-grace-to-grass/.
  • Episode 11: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e11-new-path/.
  • Episode 12: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e12-match-making/.
  • Episode 13: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s05e13-match-maker-2/.

That’s all on where and how to download Jenifas diary season 5, watch out for season 6, 7, 8 and 9 download links and brief review.

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