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Jenifas Diary Season 7: Where & How to Download, Watch and Stream Complete Episode 1 – 13

Jenifas Diary Season 7: Where & How to Download, Watch and Stream Complete Episode 1 – 13.

There is no doubt, jenifers diary is one of the most hilarious Nigerian local program of the past couple of years. The series started in 2015 and it has then been putting smile on the face of numerous Nigerians. One unique thing is that, it is not only hilarious but also educative and not only putting smile on the face of Nigerians but also adding to their knowledge and moral lessons about life. In this article, I will quickly summarize what happened in Jenifas Diary Season 7 plus where and how to download its full episode 1 to episode 13. Jenifas diary season 7

Review of Season 7 of the Jenifas Diary.

For you to understand this review, it means you must have read our previous review on Season 1, 5 and Season 6 or maybe watched jeniffer’s diary to season six. If not, you can read about them first and join us later.

Season 7 continues with Jenifa and Adaku inside Arik airlines en route to London where they enjoy their lives to the fullest. They can’t wait to reach Lady Tina’s place in London and resume in her new salon as hairstylist and pedicurist.

Finally, Jenny and Adaku touched down in London and was took to Lady Tina’s house. Their phones, tab, iPad and passport were confiscated by Lady Tina immediately they arrived her house and they were put in an already congested room full of girls. They didn’t count this treatment as anything, until they spent days there without actually doing anything and are been treated badly.

To cut the story short, they realized Lady Tina’s didn’t have any salon in London and they are their as sex slaves. Jenifa (who has gotten herself a new phone without Lady Tina’s knowledge) get in touch with Toyosi back in Nigeria and they make an escape plan. They escape Lady Tina’s brutality and were accepted into Soji (Toyosi’s Fiance) sister’s house.

They received a warm welcome and Jenifa was very much accepted and loved because she is hard working with a lot of skills. They started working for Sunbo (Soji’s sister) in her cleaning business but she was paying them little compared to what they should actually be collecting.

Adaku have found herself a new Jamaica guy she loves & adores and even left Sunbo’s house to stay with him. Jenifa has started falling for one of her Co-Workers, Collins and he even took her out for her birthday.

Back in Nigeria, Cordelia and Esther now resides in the same house. With Tomi as the new manager of Nikki’O, Cordelia was accepted back to work and Esther has started mixing things together to make bleaching cream. She attempted to seduce Cordelia’s new boyfriend.

I will like to stop here. Jenifas diary season 7 is a very interesting season, one you can’t afford to miss. So proceed below to download the full episode 1 to episode 13 of the jenifa’s diary season 7.

Where to Download Jenifas Diary Season 7.

You can download the seventh season of jeniffers diary at sceneone production website. To avoid downloading virus or wasting your data bundle downloading nonsense online, navigate to the official site of sceneone production to download jenifas diary season 7.

The thing is that you will have to pay 600 monthly to be able to watch, stream and download jenifa’s diary 7 on sceneonetv. You can pay with any Naira ATM card. But if you can be a little bit patient, i will drop one or two login details on this blog in the coming weeks.

How to Download Jenifas Diary Season 7.

Like YouTube and most other video sharing sites, you can only stream jenifas diary episodes off sceneone production site. There is no direct download link. But there is a way out. Follow the steps below. download & watch jenifa's diary season 7

  • Download and install internet download manager (IDM) on your PC.
  • Make sure it is fully integrated with your browsers like Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, MS Edge and Google Chrome.
  • Copy and paste the download links i will be dropping below into a new tab on your browser.
  • Click enter on your keyboard or go on your browser to visit the links one after the other.
  • IDM will automatically generate a download button at the top right corner of the video and you can choose which of the available format to download.

Allow IDM to download the video and you can start watching. I don’t have any issue uploading the videos, but it was very clear that i will be in violation of a copyright law as enshrined at the beginning of all the series episodes.

Download Links.

  • Episode 1: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e01-the-journey-2/.
  • Episode 2: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e02-the-new-job-1/.
  • Episode 3: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e03-the-new-job-2/.
  • Episode 4: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e04-entrapped/.
  • Episode 5: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e05-hope-again/.
  • Episode 6: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e06-cleaning-job/.
  • Episode 7: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e07-lost-and-found/.
  • Episode 8: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s7-ep10-scam/.
  • Episode 9: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e09-the-survival/.
  • Episode 10: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s07-e8-freedom/.
  • Episode 11: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s7-ep11-caught-in-the-act/.
  • Episode 12: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-7-episode-12-fast-finger/.
  • Episode 13: sceneone.tv/jenifasdiary-season7-episode13-the-new-friend/.

That’s all on how & where to download, stream and watch jenifas diary season 7, watch out for season 8 and 9 download links and brief review.

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