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Jenifas Diary Season 8 Review: Where and How to Download, Stream & Watch Complete Episode 1 – 13 Online

Jenifas Diary Season 8 Review: Download & Watch Complete Episode 1 – 13 Online.

Couple of days ago while publishing the review, download links and steps needed to be taken to download the fifth season of this hilarious and educative home series, i promised to repeat the same for the sixth, seventh, eight and nineth seasons. Today, i am gald to present you with the review and downloading guide for jenifas diary season 8.jenifas diary season 8

Quick Summary of Season 8 of Jenifas Diary.

At the end of the seventh series, things are sort of going well for everybody until the commencement of season 8. Though the difficulties that faced some characters are foreseened.

At the beginning of the eight season, Esther got busted for the selling of bleaching and other beauty creams. She was arrested but wasn’t charge due to lack of enough evidence to nail her which her victim doesn’t took well.

Aunty Sunbo kicked Jenifa out of her house after she caught her husband and her sought of romancing each other. The truth is Uncle Cole (Sunbo husband) was the one trying to force himself on Jenifa. Jenny baby went to Adaku for accomodation but she denied her that but was accepted by Collins.

She was later accomodated by one of Aunty Sunbo’s client who is like a Sister to her (Sunbo) and was paying her 400 pounds monthly for cleaning her house. She was loved and respected by the single mother’s children. She offered to be teaching them Yoruba and they agreed only on the grounds that they got to teach her English Language.

Jenifa got an unwanted and disturbing call from her Dad back in Ayetoro who narrated a night mare he had about her been deported back to Nigeria without giving the chance to take anything, even the money she worked hard to earned. She then noticed that her visa will soon expired in the next couple of days.

She told her host and Collins about the situation and they both advised her to go back to Nigeria in other to avoid been deported. She went to Adaku to convince her to come with her, but Adaku couldn’t leave her bae. So Jenifa came to Nigeria alone and was told that Toyosi has gone to France with Soji.

Adaku was deported to Nigeria in the next couple of days and that was when she realised that her boyfriend is an internet fraudster. At the end of Season 8, Jenifa has started learning how to become a DJ with DJ Spinall has her teacher and mentor.

She was introduced to DJ Spinall by Austin, Toyosi’s neighbor at Adam and Eve hostel who is now engaged to Kiki. I hope you do know that this is just a brief summary and there are lot of interesting and hilarious scene in the season.

That’s it fellas on the review of Jenifas diary season 8. Now let’s proceed to where and how to watch, stream and download it from episode 1 to episode 13.

Where to Download Jenifas Diary Season 8.

You can download the eight season of jeniffers diary at scene one production official site. To avoid downloading virus or wasting your data bundle downloading nonsense online, navigate to sceneone website to download jenifas diary season 8.

The thing is that you will have to pay 600 monthly to be able to watch, stream and download jenifa’s diary 8 on sceneonetv. You can pay with any Naira ATM card. But if you can be a little bit patient, i will drop one or two login details on this blog in the coming weeks.

How to Watch & Download Jenifas Diary Season 8 Online.

Like youtube and most other video sharing sites, you can only stream jenifas diary episodes off sceneone production site. There is no safe, free and reliable download link. But there is a way out. Follow the steps below. download jenifas diary season 8

  • Download & install IDM (Internet Download Manager) on your PC.
  • Make sure it is fully integrated with your Mozilla firefox, UC Browser, MS Edge or Google Chrome browsers.
  • Copy and paste the download links i will be dropping below into a new tab on your browser.
  • Click enter on your keyboard or go on your browser to visit the links one after the other.
  • IDM will automatically generate a download button at the top right corner of the video and you can choose which of the available format to download.

Allow IDM to download the video and you can start watching. I don’t have any issue uploading the videos, but it was very clear that i will be in violation of a copyright law as ensthrined at the beginning of all the series episodes.

Download Links.

  • Episode 1: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-8-episode1-nabbed/.
  • Episode 2: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-8-episode-2-friend-in-need/.
  • Episode 3: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season8-episode3-new-home/.
  • Episode 4: sceneone.tv/jenifasdiary-s08-e04-the-dream/.
  • Episode 5: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-8-episode-5-home-coming/.
  • Episode 6: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-s08-e06-the-foreigner/.
  • Episode 7: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-s08-e07-babysitter/.
  • Episode 8: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-08-episode-08-reunion/.
  • Episode 9: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-8-episode-9-entrepreneur/.
  • Episode 10: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-8-episode-10-good-samaritan/.
  • Epsiode 11: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-8-episode-11-friends-for-life/.
  • Episode 12: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-8-episode-12-disc-jockey/.
  • Episode 13: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-8-episode-13-dj-jenifa/.

That’s all on how & where to watch, stream and download jenifas diary season 8, watch out for season 9 download links and brief review.

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