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Jenifas Diary Season 9 Review: Where and How to Download Jenifer’s Diary Episode 1 – 13

Jenifas Diary Season 9 Review: Where and How to Download Jenifer’s Diary Episode 1 – 13.

After reviewing seasons of Jenifas diary from season 1 through season 8 with official download links plus where and how to download them, many of our readers here keep telling us to do the same with season 9 which is the current season of the series. Things has gone a little bit more tough when it comes to downloading jenifas diary season 9. download jenifas diary season 9 and watch online

So for now, you can only stream and wouldn’t be able to download with our usual method using internet download manager (IDM) from Season 9 Epsiode 5. The method of downloading we used in season 1, 5 ,6, 7, 8 still works for season 9 Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4. But do not worry we are working tirelessly to find solution to that issue.

You see those behind sceneone productions are making it very difficult to download off their site, but even the almighty Hulu and Netflix tried that and we were still able to download off their websites.

Review of Jenifas Diary Season 9.

This season is still at episode 5 and we are expecting the sixth episode soonest. By the time we have the full episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, we will do the full review together.

Just so you know, Jenifa is no more working or learning DJ work from Spinall. He caught her speaking to one of the girls she collected money from for Spinall’s number and that was the end. She haven’t stopped her charity things, even after what Adaku and Esther has done to her, she still have a place in her heart to forgive and still help them.

Sam and James got the beating of their lives after the Husband of their Sugar mummy got tipped by Pelumi. This series has been very interesting but the fact that downloading with IDM is now very difficult is so disturbing.

Where to Download Jenifas Diary Season 9.

Below are the download links for episode 1 to 5. But you can only download episode 1 through 4 with the method of downloading jenifas diary we shared earlier. We are still working on a new method to download episode 5 of the season.

  • Episode 1: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-9-episode-1-busted-again/.
  • Episode 2: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-9-episode-2-boomerang/.
  • Episode 3: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-09-episode-3-waterloo/.
  • Episode 4: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-9-episode-04-wedding-fever/.
  • Episode 5: sceneone.tv/jenifas-diary-season-09-episode-5-cab-driver/.
  • Episode 6: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season09-episode-06-the-kidnap/.
  • Episode 7: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-09-episode-07-the-kidnap-2/.
  • Episode 8: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-09-episode-08-fixup/.
  • Episode 9: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-09-episode-09-fix-up-2/.
  • Episode 10: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-9-episode-10-false-alarm/.
  • Episode 11: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-09-episode-11-wedding-planner/.
  • Episode 12: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-09-episode-12-wedding-planner-2/.
  • Episode 13: sceneone.tv/jenifa-diary-season-09-episode-13-jack-of-all-trade/

That’s all on Jenifas diary season 9 for now. Stay tuned for more episodes of the series.

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