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Olayode Juliana Virginity: Is Toyo Baby a Virgin? Lies, Cover Up and Confession

Olayode Juliana Virginity: Is Toyo Baby a Virgin? Lies, Cover Up and Confession.

Before now you must have heard and even made to believe that Olayode Juliana popularly known as Toyo Baby for her role in Jenifa’s diary is a virgin. Well the truth is out as the actress confess how she lost her virginity at the age of 17 to her music teacher in her new 150 pages book titled Rebirth. Olayode Juliana Virginity revelation comes as a shock to her fans and to those of you who kept asking if Juliana Olayode is a virgin, it think you finally get the answer you can accept.

olayode juliana virginity

Olayode Juliana is a fast rising Nollywood actress brought to fame by Funke Akindele’s hilarious Tv series, Jenifas diary. She stopped appearing around the seventh (7th) season of the series and numerous lover of the movie has rain insult on Funke Akindele following the rumor that Toyo Baby was under paid for her character in jeniffers diary.

Well, how and why she stopped appearing on the popular series is not the talking point in this post, rather why she lied about been a virgin and how she finally confessed.

She first revealed that she is not a virgin in her book rebirth couple of days ago (August 17 2017) and her fans didn’t find it very funny. She is a strong advocate of no sex before marriage and numerous mothers and teenagers love her for that. Well between the time of her revelation and now (August 18 2017) she has lost lot of followers on different social platforms.

Olayode Juliana Virginity Revelation: How & Who Toyo Baby Confessed about Being a Virgin.

Coined from her new book titled “Rebirth” Olayode Juliana revealed how she confessed to her foster father that she lost her womanhood as a teenager. Read below.

“There comes a time in our lives when and where we are just tired of bottling things
up. There is a time to let go or we stand a chance of exploding. Secrets make us sick.
For years, I hid my past from Dee and Maama and from my very close friends. It
could be very disheartening when people close to you think they know you and speak so
highly of you everywhere without actually knowing the true you.
I watched Dee, who is also my pastor and mentor, use me as case study several times
when preaching. He would tell the adolescents or undergraduates he was talking to that
Toyo Baby, their celebrity crush, was a virgin and keeping herself sexually pure until
marriage. Yes, I was committed to sexual purity, but I was no virgin.
He would look at me, with the pride of a dad and mentor as he mentioned my name.
The congregation he was addressing would applaud. I was miserable. I tried several times
to tell him, but I just could not. The times I attempted to, I would say, “I have something
to tell you”. When he asked what it was, I would say something else.
This was someone who God had used for me in more ways than I could ever
recount. I hated the fact that I was not totally honest with him and his family. I was scared of his reaction. Would he stop being proud of me? Would he stop me from following him for ministrations? Would he ask his children to stay away from me? Would he ask me to confess before the church? I was tormented by fear.
Many times, we are afraid to confess things to people we love, afraid to hurt them
but in actual fact, it is our withholding the truth that hurts more.
I wrote Dee a letter, confessing everything to him, but I never gave him. I ended up
tearing it. I would type long confessions on Whatsapp and end up deleting them. I would
record voice notes and delete afterwards. I even rehearsed my confession speech several
times in front of the mirror, but the moment I stepped out of my room, my courage
failed me. I had told him bits of the truth earlier about being in love with my music teacher
when I was younger but I left out the important details. I had thought before then that
the only person I owed the truth was my husband but this was different. I lost my peace. I assumed it was because he had become a father to me; a father who bragged about his
daughter but his bragging was based on falsehood. I felt like I had betrayed his trust. I
could not even imagine how Maama would feel; I decided not to think much about that.
One day, long after, when I was on a long stay with my elder sister, Adetutu, away
from my home with TiTiMi, I decided to face my fears. I could not sleep that night. I was
ready to face whatever the consequences were.
I typed a very lengthy message to Dee, explaining everything. As I typed, I wept
profusely. I concluded I had lost my relationship with him and his family. I was sure he
would never trust me again, he would never forgive me and would always take me as a liar.”

Olayode Juliana Virginity: Why I Had to lie about being a virgin – Juliana Olayode Revealed.

She also revealed why she had to keep lying about being a virgin until she got tired and open up to the world. She continue on Rebirth, Olayode Juliana Virginity.

“However, the fact that I had confessed to TiTiMi Adigun did not mean the world
now knew. People had assumed I was a virgin. I had never said I was but I had never
corrected their assumptions either. So, I was still in that fix.
Shortly after my confession, Ebony Life TV called me for an interview. I went and
for the first time in my several interviews, I was asked point blank if I was a virgin. I tried
to evade the question, but my interviewer was not having it. She demanded for a yes or
no. I did not see the question coming and I lied. I said, “Yes, I am a virgin”.
Immediately the interview was over, I hurried to the bathroom in the studio and
cried. I felt terrible for lying and told God I was sorry. I called Dee on my way home and
confessed my wrong. I explained further when I got home.
The next thing he said shocked me. He said, “Call her and confess the truth. Ask for
a rescheduling of the interview; do it again and undo your mistake.”
I was not going to do that. I felt it was my secret and the whole world need not know
about it. I was upset with myself, however, for answering her. I could have insisted I
could not tell. So, I proposed never to answer such again. Easier said than done, right?
Shortly after, I was on another TV interview, Crux Of The Matter, with Elsie. I was
invited to talk for sexual purity while the other guest spoke against. In the process of the
discussion, around the time when it was heated, I was asked out of the blues again if I
was a virgin. And before I knew it, I heard myself lying again. I was mad at myself.
I was on another TV interview that trended for a while. It was On The Couch, with
Lady Ariyike. I talked about sexual purity, but thankfully I was not asked if I was virgin.
After that one, I decided to stop interviews altogether. I was tired of lying or having to
dread lying if I was asked straight up.”

Olayode Juliana Virginity: Story of How She Actually Got Disflowered by Her Music Teacher.

She has confessed she is not a virgin and revealed why she had to keep lying until now. But this is the story of how she lost her virginity.

“The day finally came. He wanted to move the date because he was expecting some money that he wanted to use to pay for a good hotel, but moving it would mean my mum back from church. So, he settled for a cheap hotel. I still remember the smell of cigarette that filled the room. I hated the smell of alcohol and cigarette; I still do. We had to wait at the reception for the room to be cleaned and aired. So, we went back into the room, and it happened. It was a painful experience for me. I cried at different points and he kept apologising, begging me to keep my voice down lest they think he was raping me. He told me to relax and bear the pain. In his words, ‘do not be a weak woman’. That got at me because I hated feeling or being treated as weak.I asked for a break. He tutored me some more and tried again until he finally got through. It was not anything like he had told me it would be. I saw no clouds, I made no sounds, I felt nothing special. It was painful all the way, but it was obvious he was satisfied. When he was done, I checked the bed for blood. I screamed! There was no blood! He told me that not all virgins saw blood. I was so confused, but chose to believe him anyway. Soon after, he slept, and I was there crying. Why didn’t I see blood? Even if not all virgins see blood, why should I be on that list? How would I tell the story of losing my virginity without blood? Who would believe me that I was actually a virgin?”

That’s all fellas on olayode juliana virginity. It is quite an hell of a story and i pity what she had to go through before she finally had the courage to tell the whole world about her virginity. She also said the reason she stopped appearing on Jenifa’s diary was of poor remuneration.


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